“I just wanted to say that I love the book, it is really the best book I have owned, truly beautiful. I also cried heaps reading about the departing of Trudy, that was so sad."

Lindsay, Killarney Vale, NSW

"Your book has information some people may not be aware of, such as where the plants first originated. The photography is breathtaking, whether it be your garden or just one simple flower. It is a pleasure to read. It is a story not just a garden book. The inclusion of Bob, Trudy & Jessee make it a family story. Trudy's story is where I started & yes I did need tissues as you said."

Sonja, Mannering Park, NSW

"I saw the cover of your book displayed at our local bookshop. I just thought at first that it was a beautiful cover and I stopped to admire the overall external presentation … and to simply look a little more deeply and I was lost - it was a most beautiful book with stunning photographs and a wonderful story … I couldn't put it down. What a good read and what generous hints for cultivating our own garden it provides. It is a book that exudes a sharing of expertise and love for gardens and landscaping … it invites familiarity with personal glimpses of family and dogs. This is a precious book you have published. Finding your book was like discovering a wonderful piece of treasure and it has given me and my husband a huge amount of pleasure to read."

Heather, Armidale, NSW

"For Mother's Day this year I was given your beautiful book, 'Two Dogs & A Garden'. A very beautiful gift, a book you can pick up and browse through at any time."

Nerida, Bonnells Bay, NSW

"I read all night! Your book is amazing and left me wanting to keep reading … As a dog lover, I know the pain of losing a dog that you are truly connected with and your story about Trudy was heartbreaking … on a happy note, though, how beautiful is it that you have her so well documented in your life and book."

Belinda, Nicholls, ACT

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Two Dogs & A Garden, Derelie Cherry

240 pages | 210mm x 210mm | Hardback
Illustrated » 400 colour photographs
Gardening / Biography
ISBN 9 780646 50957 0
AUD $29.95

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Two Dogs & A Garden Book Cover